Product shots

Comex color swatch

COMEX – Images by 33PHOTO Some product shots on a white background, usually taken for granted they are bread and butter for most product shot photographers.

Soccer stadium – an update to TSM

Soccer stadium Territorio Santos Modelo

The future stadium in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico: Territorio Santos Modelo. The project will be ongoing until completion in December 2009. Territorio Santos Modelo – 2 – Images by Martin Vargas

DBC Pierre – Author

DBC "Dirty But Clean" Pierre

Australian author, DBC Pierre strolls around Mixquic, Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebrations. DBC Pierre is author of Vernon God Little. DBC Pierre – Images by Martin Vargas


Young dancer in Mexico

We’re doing a small project photographing and filming these urban dancers, first in the studio but eventually on the streets. We’ll keep posting our progress here. Enjoy! URBAN DANCE – Images by 33PHOTO

Metal works and manufacturing

metal tubes and manufacturing

Metal images from our archives of Industrial Photography METAL – Images by Martin Vargas

Mexico City – a few images from the largest city in the world.

Masks from a market in Mexico City

A brief showcase of images we’ve done over the years. MEXICO CITY – Images by Martin Vargas

Waving Mexican Flags

La bandera mexicana - the Mexican flag

The Mexican flag waving high. La bandera mexicana ondeando. FLAGS – Images by Martin Vargas

Smoke – images of a burning cigarette

smoke coming from a burning cigarette

These are some images of smoke coming from a burning cigarette. SMOKE – Images by Martin Vargas and Rafael Monroy This gallery is also viewable along with our archives in our Archival and Digital Asset Management site

Prologis, industrial warehouses and distribution facilities

Prologis facility, Mexico

PROLOGIS – Images by Martin Vargas This gallery is also viewable along with our archives in our Archival and Digital Asset Management site

Soccer! ¡Futbol!

Soccer fans in Mexico cheer for their team

¡Que se sienta la afición mexicana del fútbol! Mexican soccer fans cheering on! SOCCER – FUTBOL – CALCIO – Images by Martin Vargas

Steel force! – Images of a steel plant

Liquid steel is being poured

Photographing liquid steel can leave anyone in awe, its truly impressive. STEEL – Images by Martin Vargas

Location photography – mining exploration site

Image of exploration site in the municipality of Juanicipio, state of Zacatecas, Mexico

While most people think of location or travel photography as beautiful resort images, or a cottage in the woods, the fact of the matter is that we mainly get assignments for industrial locations, in this case an exploration site for a mining company. The site is in Juanicipio, in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. SAUCITO […]

Annual report images for a mining company

Fresnillo plc gallery collection

Photography for Annual Reports is a fulfilling endeavour for us, we just love travelling, expecting the unexpected and coming home with killer images. Since industrial photography is one of our specialities we thought it best to showcase the images that were used in an Annual Report for a mining company. Clicking the small image above […]

Mexican lifestyle – time off, and off the beaten path

Swinging in the open

A small showcase of young, contemporary Mexican people. We welcome your suggestions.

Cigars – product shot photography


Although we don’t condone smoking, we believe this is a simple, straightforward example of a product shot for clipping path creation. Aunque no fumamos y no lo fomentamos, consideramos que estas imagenes son un buen ejemplo de foto de producto sobre fondo blanco. CIGARS – Images by Martin Vargas

Soccer and the panoramic image

Fans at soccer match

While Gigapans are mainly used for panoramic imagery of vast spaces – landscapes, skylines, etc. we decided to give it a shot inside a stadium. Here are three panoramas of the Mexican soccer championship match: Pumas vs Tuzos, May 2009.

Some gigapans from Mexico City

The Torre Mayor

A quick glimpse of the megapanoramas we’ll be creating of Mexico City as well as in other cities. Please click and navigate any of the three Gigapans bellow Una pequeña muestra de las las megapanorámicas que estaremos generando en la Ciudad de Mexico y en otras ciudades. Por favor den clic y naveguen cualquiera de […]

Our first PhotoShelter gallery: Territorio Santos Modelo

Futuro estadio en Torreon, Coahuila

En esta galerí­a se iran agregando fotos del desarrollo de la construcción del estadio de fútbol Territorio Santos Modelo. In this image gallery we’ll be adding photos of the construction progress of the Territorio Santos Modelo soccer stadium. Territorio Santos Modelo – Images by Martin Vargas

Territorio Santos Modelo


Algunas imágenes que hemos realizado durante la construcción del estadio de fútbol Territorio Santos Modelo, en Torreón, Coahuila, México. Some images that we’ve made of the construction of the soccer stadium Territorio Santos Modelo in Torreon, Mexico. ¡Disfrutenlas! Enjoy! [mbspremium slideshow=1]

Naica Cave Gigapan

The Naica Cave - a Gigapan

Albeight not created with a Gigapan robot we did use the stitcher and uploader.   We consider that as this phenomena of nature needs to be seen, appreciated, grasped. Please enjoy!

The Naica Cave


If you’s like to choose images click HERE  a new window will open. To only see the slideshow click any of the photos below. Para seleccionar fotos de clic AQUI  se abrirá una nueva ventana. Para ver la galerí­a de clic en cualquier foto: [mbspremium slideshow=1] These are some images that we’ve made of the […]

TSM Stadium – Gigapan


Stadium Gigapan 3


Stadium Gigapan 2


Aqui una vista mas “panoramica” del futuro estadio Territorio Santos Modelo.